A Revolution in Crypto Currency

The First Business Merchant Crypto Network


BIZBYTES is a Merchant Network Crypto Currency

That saves Consumers 50% on Network Purchases


BIZBYTES was created by the AI Think Tank HelixQ  

HelixQ  now maintains the Global Network for BIZBYTES

BIZBYTES are not a speculative Crypto like Bitcoins

BIZBYTES are a stable Crypto tied to the value of the USD


BIZBYTES offers Merchants instant transactions

With no Network or Transaction Fees

Merchants make 100% on all Sales


Consumer Members SAVE 50% on Network Purchases

Yet Merchant Members earn 100%

Sounds Impossible but it’s TRUE


How it Works?


Merchants  Join Today and Get $100 FREE BIZBYTES



A Revolution in Crypto Currency

The First Merchant Crypto Network

Digital Currency with NO FEES

Consumers - Merchants - Login


Get FREE Crypto

New Merchants $200 FREE Crypto

New Members $100 FREE Crypto

Instant Transactions with No Fees

A Stable Crypto based on the value of the USD


How it Works?


BIZBYTES (TM) is an International Organization Chartered out of Cayman Islands