Q: What are BIZBYTES?

A: BIZBYTES are a Digital Crypto Currency for a Business Merchant Network that is based on the value of the USD.

Q: What is the  value of BIZBYTES?

A: Merchants of the BIZBYTES Business Merchant Network agree to accept BIZBYTES as having the trade value of 1 US Dollar for each 1 BIZBYTE used in trade between members of the BIZBYTES Network.

Q: How do you use BIZBYTES

A: To use BIZBYTES just LOGIN into Your Account

(It is created Instantly when you Purchase BIZBYTES)

Enter Merchant Info or any Members Info

Enter Amount to Send


It’s Instant and there are No Transaction Fees

Q: What is the cost to use BIZBYTES?

A: There are no Network or Transaction Fees to use BIZBYTES

Q: Are BIZBYTES legal?

A: Yes. Most countries recognize the right of Private Merchant Business Networks to use their own script or digital currency to track business transactions between it’s members.

Q: Where is BIZBYTES Located?

A: BIZBYTES is a Non Profit Organization chartered out of the Cayman Islands.



A Revolution in Crypto Currency

The First Merchant Crypto Network

Digital Currency with NO FEES

Consumers - Merchants - Login


Get FREE Crypto

New Merchants $200 FREE Crypto

New Members $100 FREE Crypto

Instant Transactions with No Fees

A Stable Crypto based on the value of the USD


How it Works?


BIZBYTES (TM) is an International Organization Chartered out of Cayman Islands