How BizBytes Works

The next Level in Crypto Currency that REALLY WORKS


BizBytes is a Business Merchant Crypto Network

We exchange Crypto for BizBytes to Members or Consumers

At a set rate of 2 to 1 in USD


Members Get 50% Discounted BizBytes

Our Merchants agree to take BizBytes at 100% of Value

Merchants do this to get new customers

And to earn 100% on Sales

Merchants have no transaction fees

Merchants can Spend BizBytes on our Crypto Merchant Network

Earning 100% Buying Power


Our network includes:

Global online Business Service Companies for

Website Design

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

PPC Pay Per Click Services

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Business Video Production


Our network includes Global companies for:

Artwork by famous Artists

eBook Portal

Music Portal

Movie Portal


Organic Pesticides and Bug Sprays

New Age Crystals and Items

Our network also includes local companies for:

Legal Services

Medical Services


Tradesmen including







Auto Mechanics

Auto Body Shops

Auto Parts Stores

Tire Stores



It really works Join Today


All members are Affiliates

Affiliates earn $100 in BizBytes when they get a new Merchant to join


New Merchants get $100 in free BizBytes when they join


Example of how BizBytes work
Consumer buys $100.00 USD in BizBytes with only $50.00 USD of crypto
This is a 50% Savings for Consumers
Merchants agree to take BizBytes at full value of USD
Merchants pay no transaction fees
Merchants gain new customers
Merchants spend BizBytes through other merchants in network
Merchants have 100% spending power on BizBytes they receive

BizBytes Benefits

BizBytes is the solution to all the issues all other Crypto Currencies face.
BizBytes has zero transaction fees.
BizBytes transactions are instant
BizBytes have a merchant network to use its crypto in.
BizBytes is truly an anonymous crypto that operates under the liberal rules of Cayman Islands Charters.
The Cayman Islands does not recognize the courts of countries such as the United States so a members information and wallet information will not be given to any court, that means BizBytes members will remain anonymous.
Merchants should comply with tax and business regulations in their respective countries but BizBytes is under no jurisdiction control of any country except for the liberal business laws of the Cayman Islands.




A Revolution in Crypto Currency

The First Business Merchant Crypto Network

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Instant Transactions with No Fees

A Stable Crypto based on the value of the USD


How it Works?


BIZBYTES (TM) is an International Organization Chartered out of Cayman Islands