Terms Of Service

Members agree to the following Terms Of Service.

Members agree to exchange BizBytes as the digital currency between members on the Network.

Members agree to not commit any fraud or illegal transactions on Network.

Members agree to honor the BizBytes Special on their members page in exchange for BizBytes with any member of the Network.

Members agree to not publicly make negative statements about any member of Network or BizBytes.

Members are allowed to make public comments on members pages in regards to their experience with that member.

Members agree to try to resolve disputes between members should any arise between members.

Any member that receives a high amount of negative comments from other members will receive a network warning and if that member has their membership revoked by network, they agree their members BizByte wallet will be forfeited without any legal claims of damages against network.

Member agrees any potential actions against network are subject only to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Nation Of One.

Members agrees to maintain their account in a current status with the network in regards to monthly or yearly network fees.

Network agrees to maintain the network to the best of its ability in regards to access to the network being available 24 hours 7 days a week with only scheduled maintenance downtime.

Member acknowledges that rare events such as server crashes can occur and such events are usually resolved within minutes or hours.

Network agrees to maintain backup procedures to restore network should any catastrophic equipment failure occur or act of God.

Members agree it is their sole responsibility to report the value of their trades to any tax agency of any government they are subject to.



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BIZBYTES (TM) is an International Organization Chartered out of Cayman Islands